Bare Overhead Conductors

  • AAAC Conductor
  • AAC Conductor
  • AACSR Conductor
  • ACAR Conductor
  • ACSR Conductor
  • Greased Conductor

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ACSR Conductor

ACSR conductors consist of a solid or stranded steel core surrounded by strands of aluminum (E.C. GRADE). ACSR conductors are available in a wide range of steel, containing carbon from 0.5% to 0.85 %. The higher strength ACSR conductors are used for river crossings, overhead ground wires, installations involving extra


AAC Conductor

AAC Conductors are made out of Hard drawn EC Grade (min 61% IACS) Aluminium wires stranded in successive layers in opposite direction to form the Aluminium stranded AAC Conductor up to 61 wires.

Key Benefits :
All aluminium bare conductors are used for aerial distribution lines having relatively


AAAC Conductor

AAAC conductor are made out from aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy of high electrical conductivity (min 53% IACS) containing magnesium (0.6-0.9%) & silicon (0.5-0.9%) to give it better mechanical properties after treatment. AAAC conductors are made out of aluminum alloy 6201. AAAC conductor has a better corrosion


AACSR Conductor

AACSR is a concentrically stranded conductor composed of one or more layers of 6201 -T81 aluminum alloy wire stranded over a high-strength zinc coated steel core. The core may be single wire or stranded depending on the requirement customer.

The proportions of aluminum alloy and steel can be varied to obtain


ACAR Conductor

ACAR Conductors offered by our company are made from superior quality material for ensuring excellent performing life. These conductors are extensively used in power distribution segment because oft heir various electrical properties. The availability of the ACAR conductors at affordable prices has eased the


Greased Conductor

Greased Conductor are ACSR, AACSR conductor with high temperature grease filled in the steel core or in complete conductor.

Key Benefits :
Additional corrosion protection is available through application of grease


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