Infrastructure & Process

Manufacturing Facility :

Machines for wire drawing, solution treatment, artificial ageing and stranding into seven and sixty-one wire conductors and other ancillary operations, are in place for an output of 6000Mtpa. The facility is built on 22500sqm area and housed 3000sqm shed. Handling of heavy loads of aluminium coils to conductor drums is mechanized to avoid damages like scratches on rods and lateral movement of conductor layers in drums.

Quality Assurance :
The quality system conforms to ISO 9001-2008 and is certified by Transpacific Certification Limited, accredited by JAS-ANZ a quality system accreditation body of Australia & New Zealand. Stage wise checks are carried out from receipt of main inputs viz Aluminium and Si-Mg Aluminium alloy rods and High Tensile galvanized Steel wire to wooden drums and thereafter at every step identified in Manufacturing Quality Plan (MQP). Data at the check points are captured, utilized, interpreted and thus history of every lot of Finished Product co-related with test data at intermediate stages is maintained for customers’ verification and for continual improvements, Testing and inspection as specified in MQP are conducted round the clock in tandem with production.

Aluminium is procured from only primary producers of the metal thereby avoiding any risk of poor metallurgy and processing at the secondary sources.

Testing instruments are periodically calibrated at NABL accredited labs.

A well trained, motivated and conscientious team of operatives and facilitators handle production, machine maintenance and in-stage quality checks.

Constant improvements and innovations-large and small-in the processes, main & ancillary equipment, result in quality products delivered in time every time.

  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has licensed us to mark following products with ISI mark :

  • ProductsLicense No.
    Aluminium Stranded Conductors as per IS : 398 P-ICM/L-9659510
    Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced as per IS :398 P-IICM/L-924307
    Aluminium Alloy Stranded Conductors as IS : 398 P-IVCM/L-9356791
    Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced for Extra High Voltage as per IS :398 P-VCM/L9773912

    • Additionally, products are offered conforming to IEC , DIN , ASTM,SS and other international specifications
    • Type tests of products are carried out periodically at reputed third party labs like
      • C.P.R.I., Bengaluru
      • ERDA, Baroda
      • Tag Corporation, Chennai
      • NSIC Technical Services, Howarah
      • Delhi Test House, Delhi

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