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AAA Conductor

Used as bare overhead conductor for primary and secondary distribution. Designed utilizing a high-strength aluminum-alloy to achieve a high strength-to-weight ratio; affords good sag characteristics. Aluminum-alloy 6201-T81 gives AAAC higher resistance to corrosion than ACSR. These conductors are designed to get better strength to weight ratio and offer improved electrical properties, excellent sag-tension characteristics, and superior corrosion resistance when compared with ACSR. As compared to a conventional ACSR conductor, the lighter weight, comparable strength & current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses,and superior corrosion resistance have given AAAC a wide acceptance in the distribution and medium & high voltage transmission lines. Being lighter, alloy conductors can sometimes be used to advantage in place of the more conventional ACSR; Having lower breaking loads than the later, their use becomes particularly favorable when ice and wind loadings are low.


  • High Strength to weight ratio

  • Better sag characteristics

  • Improved electrical properties

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion


  • Aluminum-alloy 6201-T81 wires, concentrically stranded.

  • AAA conductor  are made out from aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy of high electrical conductivity (min 53% IACS) containing

         magnesium (0.6-0.9%) & silicon (0.5-0.9%) to give it better mechanical properties after treatment.

  • AAA conductors are made out of aluminum alloy 6201.

  • AAA conductor has a better corrosion resistance and better strength to weight ratio and improved electrical conductivity than

         ACSR conductor on an equal diameter basis.

AAA Conductor
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