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High-Temperature Low-Sag(HTLS)Conductor

The Indian government has set very high targets for the power sector in the 13th five-year plan, besides trying to achieve the target set for the 12th five-year plan. Consequently, the transmission network will have to match the installed power generation capacity. But while there has been an increase in demand for Electrical Power Generation & Transmission, there exist a few hindrances, which include:

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Besides, for optimizing power transfer per unit RoW, the Ampacity of conductors used in the transmission lines has to be raised by technological development. This calls for new generation conductors, which can deliver a large quantum of power without any change in the existing tower/foundation designs or minor modifications therein. The solution, therefore, lies in the usage of High-Temperature Low Sag Conductor (HTLS) / High Ampacity Conductor.
Presently there is a continuous demand for the electric power consumption across the globe, however with the existing distribution lines are reaching critical limits of ampacity and sag, it has become difficult in finding corridors to construct new overhead lines in many industrialized countries including India. Replacing the existing ACSR conductors with high temperature high current low sag (HTLS) conductors almost of the same diameter is one of the best methods.

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